Works In Progress

Warren “The Professor” Johnson
Chronicles from the incredible career of an iconic drag racer

Don’t Call Your Mother
When a seemingly harmless social media post sparks a firestorm of hurtful memories, what’s the appropriate way to respond?

Baby Love
Reliable Love Andrews grows up watching her flighty mom seek affection in all the wrong places, hopping relentlessly and recklessly from one relationship to another. Love, herself, would rather be lonely than keep the company of the wrong person – yet she is somehow a magnet for those who need love the most and, at least outwardly, seem to deserve it the least. When a double-dose of tragedy strikes, Love’s tough shell cracks. What happens next is the last thing she expected.

Get There First
Josie Little and Wanda Mae had been best friends since they were eight years old racing half-scale dragsters in the Jr. league. Growing up, differences didn’t matter because racing held them together. Eight years later, though, life became a whole bunch more complicated. Can their friendship survive as a world outside of racing comes into view?

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