Adventure Maker

I travel a lot for my career. There really isn’t an effective way to cover drag racing without actually being at the drag races, and so, I travel. There are 24 races on the tour, and we get to go to some pretty incredible places. In the past, I’ve tried to squish in some touristy moments here and there – you know, seeing the Space Needle when we go to Seattle, hitting Times Square the day before the New Jersey race, trying to bust into the Evel Knievel museum when we’re in Topeka (that didn’t actually happen, but it is closed on the one day I could go).

This year, I’m doing a thing. I’m driving the entire Western Swing, which includes races in Denver, Sonoma, and Seattle. The idea sparked when I realized that Mt. Rushmore – a major wish list item – is only six hours from Denver. At this time of year, I’m based in California, so driving the Western Swing seems totally possible. This way, I could also see the Grand Canyon, the Oregon Coast, the Sequoia and Redwood National Forests, stay in a vintage trailer park in Oregon, taste some wine, see Monterey, and LIVE.

So yeah. That’s what I’m doing. Starting today. More soon!

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