Wacky Shapes and Globs of Paint

The truth is that we can only see what we are equipped to see, until we tap into something that expands our vision.

We see what we already believe, we take what we know and apply it in order to reinforce our already-existing ideologies.

It is subconscious and habitual and has nothing to do with whether we are (or are not) a good person.

It’s just the way our brains work.

It’s easy to gather information and call it knowledge, but it is so difficult to grow, particularly when it’s far more simple to live in the comfort of the familiar, no matter how stale.

I am constantly reading and listening to podcasts that are supposed to make me better and stronger and cuter*, but I think a lot of times I slide back into the old habit of playing dumb by way of denial, and ain’t nobody growing from that, friends.

It’s just as easy to stay comfy in old habits as it is to look at a Picasso and see wacky shapes and globs of paint. Like, it is what it is; why bother looking further?

But it’s so much better for your heart and soul and mind and LIFE if you can drop what you think you know, take a deep breath and a step back, and see the whole beautiful picture.

It still might not be for you – I far prefer the soft edges of Manet’s ‘Luncheon on the Grass’ to Picasso’s – but to see the intention of each brushstroke and the way it all came together was unexpectedly exciting and refreshing.

This realization last weekend at the “Picasso. Figures” exhibit at the Frist pushed a button in my heart that felt a lot like a window opening and fresh air rushing in to break the stale stillness.

You don’t have to get it, but it sure helps if you can at least try to see it…. really see it, whatever “it” may be.

I feel like this probably applies to everything: art, relationships, careers, humans, the life and times of the carpenter bees consuming my front porch.

I guess what I want to say is this. Let go of the stranglehold you’ve got on what you think you know, open the window and let some fresh air blow through. Then take another look.

*I don’t really read books or listen to podcasts about how to be cuter (but I’m not above it)

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