Bigfoot Monster Trucks Forever

I have 65,000 photos in my phone, but this is one of my favorites. I will never delete it, not ever!!

The night I got to see Dan Runte throwing a bunch of dirt off the tires with Bigfoot in Kuwait was one of my all-time best memories of those overseas troop visits we did with Summit Racing. It took a lot to get the truck there (and back) in the first place, then they set up this perfect area on base with dirt and ramps and junkyard cars…. it was a THING, and oh my word was it fun.

If you don’t know Dan, you’re really missing out. Seeing him back in the seat of that legendary monster truck after retiring — and doing it to make our service men and women stationed there smile — was nothing short of joyous. We all had GIGANTIC grins that day, but oh man….. Dan was glowing in a way that you only see when a person is right where they belong, doing what they love. It meant something to me and to everyone there that night.

I swear I fall a little in love with every person I get to write about. Not in a romantic way, but in that way where you see their goodness and humanity and LIFE just shining at you like the brightest most beautiful light, and you’re like, thank you for this. THANK YOU.

I love you guys, man. Thanks for letting me tell your stories. Let’s do this forever, okay?

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