It’s Indy

I never arrive at this racetrack with anything less than goosebumps on my arms and my heart thudding ferociously within my chest. I am filled with deep reverence for all that was and so much anticipation for what will be that I am dizzy and short of breath.

I never come to this racetrack with trepidation or indifference, and I always love it here, light years beyond any other. Even when it hurts.

I have so much respect for the competitors who come here to race these hallowed grounds, who make gigantic sacrifices and traverse the country to pour their heart and soul and time and money into this one race…. because they believe in that Indy magic. They want that trophy. They know what it means to win the U.S. Nationals.

I see you out there, bruised and bleeding for this sport. I see you, and I stand in awe of your perseverance and drive.

YOU are why Indy is magic.

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