From the Stands: Phoenix

This day feels different than last Sunday. The air is so crisp it’s making my hands ache and my nose run. Why is it so cold in Phoenix? It feels so contrary to what we all know about the Arizona desert.

This weekend has been different for me because I’m getting into a groove after a long time away, and although I’m not running at full, optimal speed yet, I can feel that I’m getting there. I like that. I don’t feel so untethered.

Being in love with what you do isn’t a whole lot different than being in love with a human – you feel sparkly and right and like you’re on the verge of laughing all the time. It’s just so GOOD to be here. I don’t know, I guess it sounds crazy if you’ve never felt it. But I feel it. I feel it today.

Anyway, happy race day, friends. May you feel sparkly and right all the way to the end.

Categories: Musings

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