My Lucky 13

This morning I took a walk out to where I thought my dad might want to sit here at Auto Club Raceway at Pomona. I found seat number 13 in that section (nod to dad’s favorite number), and I settled in to write a few lines.

Here’s the thing. My dad is always with me – I feel him every single day as a million different memories wash over me. But today, at this place, he’s really here.

This is the racetrack we would call home, and it’s the first dragstrip I ever attended with him. Oh, how he loved this. He would smile so big when he talked about going to the drags, and when he ambled around the pits, he looked as comfortable and content and happy as I’ve ever seen him.

I’m here at this track today because of my dad. Heck, my entire career is because my dad loved this so much, and he passed that down to me.

I adore drag racing like it’s my favorite person. It breaks my heart, it heals me, it understands me, it gives me freedom and crazy energy. Here, I am fully alive.

So…. thanks, dad. Thanks for giving me this. See you out there.


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