From the Stands: Vegas – Spring Race

You ever have those weeks where you know you’re being tested?

The strangest series of events have happened over the course of the last four days, from two-hour traffic jams to getting locked out of my hotel room, which was a short 10-mile hike back to the front desk to get my key fixed. One day this weekend, I drove right past the track – something I’ve never done before. One night I got locked out of the tower. This morning I sent my allergy pill behind the dresser with a blast of hot air from my hair dryer.

Part of me believes that when you’re looking for weird things, you’re going to find them – and I definitely believe that perception is everything. But this week, I think there’s something else I’m supposed to be getting from all of this.

All I know is that no matter what has happened, I have found myself laughing. Maybe it’s age (have I finally grown up?!), or maybe it’s the road trip that’s kept me serene. I’m still running on high adrenaline here at the track, but I have noted a calmness this week beneath my normal overly happy rush. Maybe it’s just acceptance. A knowing that what will be, will be. Back again to letting go, letting go of what you think is going to happen and leaning into acceptance, then moving on with your head held high rather than lowered in defeated.

I sit here in Las Vegas, looking at four lanes that will soon host thunder and speed and massive amounts of adrenaline. Hearts will be broken. Rapturous joy will encircle a lucky few. But no matter what happens, it’s all new tomorrow. Broken hearts will mend and joy will fade, and then we get to live another dream at another track.

I’m just gonna keep smiling. I hope you do, too. No matter what.

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