From the Stands: Houston

There has been a lot of talk about this being the end. But is it ever really over? Does something that has been part of our lives in a meaningful way ever end? In my humble opinion, this isn’t the end; it’s simply the conclusion of one part of something that has left its mark – good or bad or most likely both – forever upon us.

Every place we gather experiences, every person we spend time with, every path we go down, these things all become the fabric of who we are. For as long as ~we~ live, this place lives.

Even after we’re gone, the memories that were created here will be alive in the stories that have been captured, and someday, many years from now, there will be another writer or curious human seeking information about something that happened here, and they will fall into the videos and the magazines articles and the stories, and this place will be just as alive in that moment as it is today on this final day of the final national event to be held here at Houston Raceway Park.

This is not a day to be sad; this is a day to treasure, a day to sink into, and a day to fully LIVE. Because if we really experience this day to the fullest, what we see and do — and what we capture on paper and film and in our hearts — will ensure that this is, most certainly not, the end.

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