From the Stands: Epping

I had a little trouble picking my spot this morning. This track is so unique, and when I walked down to where I usually like to take a rest on Sunday morning, I realized that it wasn’t going to be any good for this post because the tower is but a wee one. I worried you wouldn’t be able to tell where, exactly, I was. Which is kind of the point of this photo series.

So I moved closer to the starting line, and in doing so, I found myself climbing wooden steps into a different set of bleachers that felt way more New England Dragway-ish. This place is cool, man. It’s got a vibe like no other, and I have loved it from day one. Even if you don’t know its history, you feeeeel it. And to me, that matters a whole bunch. It’s that feeling that grabs your heart and squeezes and says, hey, there’s a story here.

It’s kinda funny that I ended up having to move out of my usual spot, the one where I am most comfortable, because this morning I was pondering the necessity of adaptability. Last night I heard a driver speak on how they were riding high for several years, but that they weren’t making any changes. What they had was so good, they didn’t need to change it. Meanwhile, everyone around them was adapting in order to try to catch up.

While everyone else was improving, they were staying the same – and that didn’t turn out to be a lastingly good program.

There’s a lot more to that story, but that nugget leapt out at me. I think we’ve all struggled at times with adaptability because change is uncomfortable, and finding the mindset to embrace change is one helluva challenge.

I’ve been thrown some curveballs this weekend, ones that brought me out of my comfort zone of familiarity, and I’ve constantly been trying to check myself. Don’t panic. Breathe. What’s the worst that can happen? And this morning it came full circle as I left the comfort of seat 13 in row 13 to make my way to the worn wooden steps that reminded me of this: there are cooler things to see and feel and do and be, if only you’re willing to step outside of what you know and get a little uncomfortable.

See you out there.

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