Perfect High

I had a weird thing happen to me this week. I was on the phone interviewing a really incredible racer who has been in this sport for a long time. He was telling me how someone he used to drive for – one of our anchor-legends in drag racing – had guided him in this new venture. Now, when I do phone interviews, I type as we go. I’m ~in~ the conversation in such a way that there is no room in my brain for anything else. I’m totally there, with that person, hearing and feeling and typing their story.

But for some reason, on that day and in that moment, I had a holy-shit realization of what my life actually is. It felt like I came out of my body and was observing myself sitting in my office/storage room at the ranch talking to a world champion about one of the most important people ever to grace the drag racing world AS IF THEY ARE BOTH JUST HUMANS.

What in the actual hell.

I somehow regained my composure, came back to earth, and resumed typing…. but later I went back to that moment and thought about this life that I sometimes forget to live while I’m living it.

I don’t mean to do that. I mean to always be present, to always appreciate what I’m living as I’m living it. But the truth is, the awful truth is that much of the time I’m chasing adventure while I’m actually HAVING an adventure. No wonder I’m so tired.

Anyway, long story short (as my friend Joanne Knapp would say), I’ve done some ridiculously cool stuff in my life. I’ve traveled the globe and lived a thousand dreams. I’m not done yet, but while I’m inside of this one, I really just want to say HELL YEAH. And I really super bad want you to say it, too.

Look what we get to do. Look at this adventure we’re on right this dang minute.

Thanks for being here with me.

P.S. Go skydiving. It’s scary as hell, but it’s such a perfect high. 😉

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