From the Stands: Denver

The sun is hot here at Bandimere Speedway. I mean, I get it. The sun is a ball of fire. But for some reason, it feels EXTRA hot on Thunder Mountain. So yesterday, as I was walking towards those dreaded stairs to make the climb to the pits, I was wearing a film of sweat before I even began the ascent.

I stopped for a second at the bottom, and I looked up those dang stairs trying to prepare for the challenge. A couple deep breaths, then I started up them at a reasonably quick pace. I just wanted to get it over with. But by the time I got about halfway up, I was gasping for breath. Ah, the thin air of the Mile-High Nationals. I slowed my roll, feeling a little lightheaded and honestly a tiny bit barfy. My head was throbbing by the time I got to the top, and I realized that the damage had been done with the expeditious attempt in the bottom half.

Contrary to the nature of drag racing’s ultimate goal, you gotta go slow up here if you want to get anywhere, at least if you’re getting around on two legs and not four wheels. I stood there at the top of those stairs and remembered something a world famous and very handsome championship engine builder once told me: slow is smooth, smooth is fast. Man, that is so applicable everywhere.

Denver is such a reset for me every year. A reminder to slow down. You’ll get where you’re going, but not if you kill yourself trying to get there. Breathe. Take your time, and heck, take in your surroundings. Observe what you usually pass at excessive speed on the daily. If you take advantage of this approach, by the time you get to where you’re going, your heart won’t be pounding quite so furiously. You’ll probably have more energy, and honestly, your brain will probably work better.

I tried this approach next time I was headed towards the pits and CAN CONFIRM. Something to think about today, whether you’re in Denver or not. Go fast on the dragstrip, but off the strip? Slow is smooth, smooth is fast. Have an awesome day, dear readers.

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