From the Stands: Seattle

The crazy thing about racers is their level of absolute relentlessness. I have been fortunate to work with world champions – and it blows my mind to see their processes. I’m gonna let you in on the secret: it’s dogged pursuit, even when it makes no sense. The bottom line is they just don’t give up. Ever.

Bear with me as I try to extract what was rolling around in my head this morning. Get in my not-at-all-nitro time machine and ride with me back to high school. BFF Jenn and I hung out with all the cute, fun boys from Damien. They were our friends and protectors, so we felt pretty safe accompanying them to obnoxious high school parties every weekend. We were a team.

One weekend there was the best party of all time. It started at the dam, everyone toting beverages to somewhere we certainly shouldn’t have been. As happens, the cops requested we disperse, but we weren’t done having laughs. Someone told us about a better spot, so our friend Kevin directed traffic, shamelessly holding a Coors Light and shouting to each car, “Follow the love train!”

We landed another place we shouldn’t have been, streetlamps warm and welcoming as we gathered in the backyard of an empty house. Naughty children. It was just the most fun night, and forever after that we were chasing the championship of good times. And heck, we searched every weekend for a party just like it.

You know I extract lessons from every experience. I think about how fun and good that night was, and I can kinda relate to wanting more of what feels THAT good.

The common thread of champions is a relentless pursuit of the best feeling in the world – not the party, but the end of the party that comes in the form of a shiny little man on a wooden base. That pursuit is so much more than just “hey that was so fun.” It’s the incredible reward for exhaustive, consistent hard work followed by the crystal-clear feeling of tremendous accomplishment. Not at all the same as a high school party, now that I think about it.

But how about this: Follow the love train. Don’t go home yet. There’s more gold to be found.

See you out there.

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