First Date with Montana

Montana is something else. I drove to Missoula and then through Butte and Billings and Bozeman (though perhaps not in that order). I saw the landscape change from trees and trees to enormous mountains with small grassy hills at their feet. I drove on and found that I could see for miles and miles in every direction, and to be quite honest, I just wanted to get out and stake claim and build my own little house on the prairie. Maybe I would, if I didn’t know how bitingly cold and long winters can be here. Plus, you know, no ocean.

But it was astonishingly beautiful and a delight to visit, and I definitely want more the next time around. It was a good first date, Montana. xo

This morning as I was just about to leave for a very long day of driving, one of my favorite songs came on and I sat down to just listen. I looked out at Wyoming, where I am now, and I saw brown grassy hills and then a swath of dark green trees with enormous mountains stretching for many miles behind them.

This country is breathtaking. Sometimes you have to look for the places that touch your heart and remind you how alive you really are, but I’m not against it.

If you’re ever sitting there pondering and think to yourself, “is this all there is?” I assure you that it isn’t. There is always, always more. But it’s usually hiding behind the door of comfort and ease.

Don’t be dumb. Open the door. 😉

Goodbye, Western Swing roadtrip. You were everything I wanted and more.

Next stop: Texas.

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