Bob and Ann and Las Vegas, oh my!

My love for Vegas runs deep …..

Bob and Ann Skelley were the coolest and best grandparents on the planet. They were adventurers and enjoyed life to the FULLEST. Guys, my gramma could throw back 7&7s and play cards til the wee hours and spill allllll the tea with an endearing half grin that made it feel like the situation was as wholesome as a post-church luncheon. She was hilarious and fun and full of love but DEAR GOD DO NOT MAKE HER ANGRY. I miss her loads.

I rode between her and my grampa Bob in this very truck (Big 10) on the way to Vegas more than once. The first time, she told me, “Just wait. The night sky is lit up like it’s daytime! You can see it from miles away!” She was right; it was absolutely majestic…. and I still love driving into Vegas at night.

They loooooved this place and would hand us kids rolls of quarters to play in the arcades for hours. It was a different time, and it was a grand time.

I love Vegas. It’s a town full of stories and secrets and the best adventures. I’ve had a few. I shall have a few more. But mostly I just like to watch the people….. It’s not normal here. Folks don’t act like their usual selves, and I quite enjoy it.

(I mean that in the sweetest and most innocent way).

I’m excited for this weekend. Bob and Ann would surely approve. 💕

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