The Maui Diaries

Part 1 – 11.18.22

It’s funny how such a large part of my mind is occupied, always, with cataloging experiences as they happen. It isn’t like it’s a job – it’s like…. it’s a LIFE. My life is this. This is my life. I will never be free of this overwhelming compulsion to observe and document as experiences happen, but I wouldn’t want to be.

We walk along the shore, and all I can see are a million different stories. It starts so simple as I look out toward the other islands, so neatly outlined that they appear painted into the perfect scene. The ferocity of the ocean, the way two waves begin so far apart and then meet in the middle to become one intense bubble of beautiful commotion – it’s captivating. But it isn’t commotion, not really. It’s synergy, right?

This is not romance – don’t mistake this observation as romantic.

It reminds me of a collision of ideas that become one monstrously strong, perfect execution at full velocity. Flow. It comes down to flow and the moment when it all clicks right. You’re in place, you know you’re in place, and then along comes the reinforcements – also in their own ultimate flow. And then you tap the magic. Together. Syrup pours from the tree.

We see it on the dragstrip with crew chiefs/crews and driver set on kill, we see it in the creative forces that cover the sport, we see it in the glorious productions that land upon our eyes and emotions in the days following an event. We feel because of the flow. We feel the most when it all comes together. When it’s more than just a single entity singing. When there is harmony. When commotion meets its exact match. When chaos becomes melody.

The waves know. And so I listen. And I feel. And I write.

Mahalo. xo

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