Adventures on an Island

A few moments from our trip to Maui!

We took a fun adventure to the summit at Haleakalā. Here are photos of us at 10,023 feet with winds that earlier had reached 55 mph. I wore a dress and my Puma sneaks – and I brought a jean jacket thinking I was being practical. I did not realize it would be 43 F°. 😂 What’s weird is how much I love adventures that go ever-so-slightly askew. Memories were made here. 😀

The vibe and the food and the drinks and the view. 🥰 Photographer friend Ron Lewis recommended Fleetwood’s in Lahaina, and it did NOT disappoint! My favorite was the Fleetwood Mac and Cheese. I would come to Maui just for that delightful dish. 😁 Oh! And if you ever make it here, be sure to check out the Morrison Hotel photo gallery downstairs. If I were a gal with loads of excess dollars, I would be shipping a very large print or two back home. Suuuuuch good stuff. Consider Fleetwood’s my official restaurant recommendation for your future trip to this gorgeous island.

It was SUPER windy and, oddly, kinda cold (to me), but I loved visiting Maui Raceway Park. No. 42 on my list! 🥰

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