From the Stands: Richmond

The fog this morning feels very appropriate after yesterday.

Saturday at the racetrack was what one might call “a long day.” NHRA’s Safety Safari members are the true champions here; they were tending to this racetrack nonstop between patches of rain, drying and scraping and dragging while we watched and waited and occupied the down time as productively as possible. For people who like to go real fast in tiny bursts of ferocity or support those that do, forced pauses are excruciating. We are not the most patient folk.

I know that yesterday is behind us. Good or bad, it’s gone, and today is a fresh start. Even so, this morning I woke up extra tired for a gal who hadn’t really exerted much physical energy, and the blanket of fog that I walked into as I left the hotel certainly didn’t help.

Then I got to the Wawa, which is just a fancy word here for “gas station with food stuffs,” and grabbed a very delish coffee and sweet treat (because Sundays are for the good stuff). I zombied my way to the counter with my breakfast in hand and stood behind a gentleman who was checking out with just two coffees. He looked over his shoulder and gestured towards me, then told the cashier, “and I’ll get hers, too.”

Surprised, I said, “No, that’s okay,” and he and the cashier both looked at me like I was crazy. He said “you’re good, I got this,” and held my gaze with the kindest brown eyes I’ve possibly ever seen on a Sunday morning in the lovely state of Virginia. And so I thanked him and left with a lump in my throat. It was a game-changer, to be on the receiving end of unnecessary kindness. This stranger’s small, meaningful gesture forced me out of my head, and when I got into my car, I looked through the windshield and saw a fresh start to this day. I still couldn’t see the actual sun, but I felt the possibility of good things ahead.

And now, I look out at this racetrack and I see sparkles through the mist. The fog will lift. Things are about to happen, and I’m so glad I’m here for it. So far, it’s always been worth it. I hope you feel the same.

See you out there.

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